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Hiding in the crowd – Venice Bienalle: Architectural Spaces –

Unfurling by van Brandenburg at Museo Diocesano, Venice Carlo Scarla’s transforming FondazioneQuerini Stampalia, Venice Geniusloci, spirit of place at Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti with Anish Kapoor Genius loci, spirit of place at Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti with Anish Kapoor Reklamlar

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İstanbul’dan kalanlar

SALT Beyoğlu’nda ‘Yazlık: şehirlinin kolonisi’

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What being home means.

Take one. The wind.Take two. Long way down dreams with the best crew. Take three. Catching up a million years in sixty minutes. Take four. Bumping into adventurers. Take five. Saying goodbye over and over. Take one. The wind. The … Okumaya devam et

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Expedition into the wilderness —of self and others

How I dealt with ‘years of myself’ in the Gobi desert I am just back from a week in the Mongolian steppes and Gobi desert. With 12 countrymen, twelve motorbikes, and a Kazakh woman. Being a chronic solo traveller, this … Okumaya devam et

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Güneri Civaoğlu Ile Sohbet

Güneri Civaoğlu ile keyifli bir yemek sohbeti gerçekleştirdik. Online haberi buradan da okuyabilirsiniz.

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‘Al ahwal’ in Cairo

by Farghali To empathize with a city, best way is to get to know a diversified range of local people. I got to see a different glimpse of Cairo again, the artistic side of the city in my visit this … Okumaya devam et

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Marrakech Things


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