Small Things In Life. Food !

Second Sunday morning in Palo Alto. Desperate to eat, I hit university avenue. Come across Taxim, Istanbul street food. Oh gosh—do I really want bad falafel and wrongly named doner kebap (really gyro meat) this morning? I enter the store; greeted with this lovely lady. I start reading the menu—pogaca. Lahmacun, pide… I am panicked.. Until I see Turkish breakfast as a line item; and I lose myself and start ordering sucuklu pide, pogaca, menemen, Turkish breakfast w proper tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, cay, orange juice (ok not so Turkish). And they have SIMIT!!!! Bliss!!!!!
My gurbet sepeti at home is helpful and the best thing is my co-workers bought me a Turkish coffee maker from Amazon to greet me, oh with the full coffee from kahveci mehmet efendi and all..
I am afraid I have been struck with immigrant disease—I miss home!

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