Equilibrium Must Prevail; Socially Responsible Business

With Intel Mexico Country Manager
There was a great session on corporate social responsibility and why should businesses care for people and the planet. In attendance was Carlos Slim Domit, world’s richest man’s (Helu) son alongside other three CEOs of Unilever, Manpower and Groupo Bimbo. Audience listened attentively the strategies and plans of the biggest companies of the world how they address the gaps between the ones who have and who don’t.

Some important notes were:
-Lots of reasons to be hopeful despite the economic difficulties; two billion more people coming in to middle class with demands and gradual increase in world’s GDP.
-If too many people are excluded from the system, things will not prevail as they are. Equilibrium must be achieved and businesses can play a role in this.
-CEO of Unilever said: ‘If people can bring down a regime in Egypt in 17 days, they can do it much easier for companies too.’
-CEO of Manpower company talked about being authentic as a leadership team and living day in and out the social responsibility together with employees.
I felt proud during the session working for a company that changes the planet; educates the children; contributes through its employees; and has a goal to enrich the lives of every citizen on earth. Important to carry that pride with you at all times.
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